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Home Staging

Home Design has always been a passion of mine.  Starting with my own house of course, I've branched out and have started to offer home staging as part of my services.  Let me come in and purge, pack away and reorganize and design your spaces to come up with the most efficient flow while optimizing space.

Full Kitchen Declutter & Staging

Sorted and donated unused items inside all kitchen cabinets.  Returned used items to cabinets and labeled everything.  Cleaned and cleared off tops of cabinets, redesigned with minimal décor.  Cleared off countertop spaces and packed away what wasn't being utilized during the selling process.  Removed all magnets and paperwork from refrigerator and freezer.


Full Kitchen Organization

Removed excess wall decor, cleared off and rearranged knickknacks on top of kitchen cabinets, Removed personalized family photos from walls.

Master Bath..

Removed everything off countertops.  Decluttered bath products in shower and surrounding bathtub.  Packed up excess towels and wash cloths.  Purged, sorted and rearranged bath products inside all bathroom cabinets.  Staged products and towels for a model home feel during showings.

Sundance bath.jpg
Cooper Sundance.jpg

Boys Room

This was the smallest room in the house.  We removed a bulky dresser, Rearranged the other dresser from in front of the window, to allow natural light to flow through the room.  We also removed a s toys that were no longer played with.  The closet was cleared out, clothes were donated that were no longer worn, and everything was put back, labeled and reordered.

Master Bedroom

Rerranged bed to allow maximum bedroom space.  Added large area rug as a focal point.  Removed clutter from dresser.  Replaced curtains with light filtering sheer to allow the space to appear larger and less gloomy.  Added wall decor from another room to replace personalized pictures.

Sundace Master.jpg
Sundance Basement_edited.jpg


Purged, sorted and packed away half of all toys not being played with.  Rearranged large sofa to another wall to allow for a natural flow to the remaining areas.  Removed personalized wall décor. Added large baskets for quick pickup of toys.  Cleared off bar area and packed up unused accessories (to the right of picture).

Home Office

Removed unsightly printer and filing cabinet to an adjacent closet.  Added modern wall décor.  Decluttered desk by sorting and refiling paperwork. Moved desk to middle of room to allow for easy flow.

Sundance Office.jpg
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